Movie Review - A Star is Born

by Elle Brown March 04, 2019

Spoiler Alert - If you haven’t seen this movie yet do not read this. We give away the ending.

My husband and I had a date night on Saturday. What this means is we took our youngest son to dinner at HIS favorite restaurant and our teen stayed home to nap. Afterward, back at home, the younger boy went on YouTube or Fortnite with his friends and my husband and I decided to continue our date alone in the living room with a cocktail and a new, on-demand movie.

We've been hearing a lot about it so we decided to see what all the hype was about. We dialed up, "A Star is Born" starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. We’re huge Gaga music fans and greatly respect her talent. Bradley always impresses us as well. He’s tall, dark, handsome, smart and excels as an actor and now, as a musician.

We watch half the movie Saturday night and are captivated by what we’re seeing. My husband loves Bradley’s character, Jackson Maine. He wholeheartedly believes Jackson is a supportive guy, who helped launch his wife's career and with no jealousy, is truly looking out for his wife, Ally’s, success.

I keep looking for “the shoe to drop” though. I keep feeling like something has got to go wrong with this beautiful picture they're portraying. I keep thinking something is missing from the story. Why are they so focused on this guy's drinking and prescription drug use. I want to believe it’s a beautiful love story but I feel like I’m going to be disappointed at some point.

I'm also a little distracted by what looks like, to me, a 20 year age difference between them. However, I’m willing to let that go as I scour the story grasping to their love and try to push off my suspicions. I really want to feel happy when this all ends.

Anyway, we turn it off halfway through with the intention of watching the 2nd half on Sunday night as we’re settling down for bed. That time comes. We dial up the movie again. Jackson’s doing great in rehab. Ally's career is booming. They’re happy. We're immediately drawn back into the drama.

And, wouldn't you know it...the shoe drops.

I say out loud, “This guy died because he pee’d his pants at the Grammy’s.”

My husband disagrees with that assessment. But, I was so momentarily disappointed. The whole time I was hoping I was wrong and they would live happily ever after. Why does someone have to die for a star to be born?

In the end, Lady Gaga brings me back with her stunning performance of the love song and I feel a little bit better.

It made me start thinking though. I will never love again after my husband. He’s my one and only true love. If he dies first, I don’t even know if I’d ever even date again but if I did, I’d never re-marry or love someone as I love him. Even if I loved a companion differently, it would never be the intense love I feel for my husband.

So, of course, we buy and download the song. And, we plan to watch the movie again from start to finish all in one night while cuddling on the couch. 

I highly recommend A Star is Born. Even now that you know the ending.

Celebrate with Lady Gaga baby clothes.

Elle Brown
Elle Brown


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