Baby One Piece Sizing

by Elle Brown October 01, 2018

by Elle Brown

Many people have been writing lately about what size one piece bodysuit they should buy. It's baby fever right now between new babies being born, babies celebrating their first birthday and Spring shopping sprees!

One piece rompers are typically sized by weight and height. The difficulty lies in the differences from brand to brand. Just like women's jeans, where a size 4 from The Gap might not fit the same as a size 4 from Banana Republic, baby clothes manufacturers' sizes also differ.

However, there are staple brands like Gerber onesies and Carter's that act as good gauges for one piece sizing. Thankfully, the sizes for both brands are similar.

Gerber® sizing:
Newborn 5-8 lbs/17-21 in.
0-3 Months 8-12 lbs, 21-24 in.
3-6 Months 12-16 lbs, 24-26 in.
6-9 Months 16-20 lbs, 26-28 in.
12 Months 20-24 lbs, 28-30 in.
18 Months 24-28 lbs, 30-32 in.
24 Months/2T 28-32 lbs, 32-24 in.

Carter® sizing:
Newborn 5-8 lbs, up to 21 in.
3 Months 8-12.5 lbs, 21.5-24 in.
6 Months 12.5-16.5 lbs, 24-26.5 in.
9 Months 16.5-20.5 lbs, 26.5-28.5 in.
12 Months 20.5-24.5 lbs, 28.5-30.5 in.
18 Months 24.5-27.5 lbs, 30.5-32.5 in.
24 Months 27.5-30 lbs, 32.5-34 in.
2T 29-31 lbs, 34.5-36.5 in.

From the above, you can estimate the following when buying Kiditude cool baby clothes.

When purchasing a baby one piece, take into account the shrinking factor! If your choice of one piece is 100% breathable, baby soft cotton, it may shrink up to 1 full size after the first wash and dry cycle. Considering you wash your baby's clothes prior to wear to remove dust, lint and chemicals, you'll want to remember to buy larger, especially if the item is not pre-shrunk. If your choice of one piece is a cotton blend, there will be less shrinkage.

One Step Ahead also makes one piece extenders. These are difficult to find in the store. We found them online. They work with multiple brands of one piece based of the size of the snaps and side on which the snaps are located. These are great for when your baby is outgrowing one size but is still too small for the next. The extender is a strip of cotton fabric with snaps at both ends that attach to the snaps on the one piece to provide a few extra inches of length. Since it snaps between the legs, it's not noticeable once covered by shorts, dress or pants.

Elle Brown
Elle Brown


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