CBGB, A Movie Review, A Lifestyle

by Elle Brown June 07, 2018

by Elle Brown

What do these bands have in common?

Iggy Pop
Patti Smith
Velvet Underground
The Police
Talking Heads
Dead Boys

Punk Rock & CBGB's!

We watched CBGB this weekend, a movie about the famous club formerly at #Bowery and #Bleecker in #Manhattan.

Named CBGB for it's intended purpose, Country, BlueGrass and Blues, by owner, Hilly Kristal in 1973, instead, it became "the place" for underground punk and new wave bands.

When CBGB didn't live up to its name, Kristal added the OMFUG which stood for, "Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers".

The movie takes you through some semi emotional scenes between Kristal and his daughter, Lisa, who ends up working for him. We also see Kristal trying his hand at management of the Dead Boys. Most touching was to see the Talking Heads at an award ceremony, recognizing Kristal as a great man who took care of all of them and the Godfather of Punk.

Funny parts: The presumption of how combat boots made their way to becoming an underground and punk wardrobe staple. The portrayal of some of those stories you only "hear about". I'll leave it at that and you'll have to watch to understand.

Best parts: We saw Joey Ramone, the last surviving Ramone, as himself. The great songs off the soundtrack had us reminiscing the entire time we watched.

Other stuff...CBGB's closed in 2006 over a rent dispute. Merchandising was moved to St. Mark's Place but closed in 2008. Kristal died in 2007 from lung cancer. Whatever money was left over after paying creditors and taxes, went to his daughter. #JohnVarvatos took over the CBGB space and filled it with high end, retail fashion for men. He preserved the graffiti covered toilets and some playbills. Next door, Daniel Boulard, named his restaurant DBGB.

Elle Brown
Elle Brown


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