Kiditude’s Kid Snack of the Day

by Elle Brown October 10, 2018

by Elle Brown

How do you get your child to eat healthily?

You make healthy food look good to eat!

Kiditude's fun Snack of the Day...

Banana, kiwi and tangerine palm trees make a healthy snack for your kids!

You too can do this with any fruits OR VEGGIES your kids like, or will tolerate and learn to like, the more they are introduced.

Yes, busy mom's, this takes a few extra minutes when we really don't have them to spare but developing healthy eating habits like making the right food choices and choosing the correct portion sizes are valuable lessons worth learning young and utilizing over a lifetime.

And, you love them. So there.

If you don't have time for more, you got the point, thanks for reading and have a great day!

But, if you do, read's not long.

You don't have to "become vegan" or "go organic" to teach your kids how to eat properly. You don't have to change your grocery store or follow a strict paleo plan. It doesn't have to be difficult or include dieting or going without. It's simply about choices and sizes.

I don't remember any class in school that taught eating. Eating habits are primarily learned at home. My parents told me a bagel was a healthy breakfast. Really? I guess if you have a choice between a bagel and a bag of Halloween candy, the bagel, or half the bagel, is the healthier choice. But, a bagel is bread. (I refer to it as candy when I'm speaking with my kids.) It's carbs. Ingested carbs turn to glucose, a type of sugar the body uses for energy. Unused glucose deposits as fat cells for future use. These fat cells can cause weight gain or even obesity which can lead to diabetes and heart disease, and can increase strain on bones and joints.

I shop for my family every week. There are 26 aisles in the conveniently located, chain grocery store I frequent. I use about 5 of them; mostly the cold aisles (and of course, the paper product aisle). The rest, are all boxes and bags full of processed salt, sugar, carbs and fat that can harm my body if not used properly. Kind of like how cake is for birthdays, not every day. But, that message seems to have gotten lost somewhere between gluttony and greed.

I buy turkey, beef, sausage, chicken, bacon, milk, OJ, eggs, fruits, veggies and a loaf of whole wheat bread. I do buy some boxed/canned items because it makes life easier like beans, soups, frozen waffles, pasta, and Cheerios. As for the processed stuff, my kids like it, I will buy 1 a week or so, but they read the serving size and if it reads, 7 Doritos, they count out 7 and put the bag away.

Personally, I don't drink any liquids that contain calories as drinking is for hydration, not dessert. I impress upon my family not to use cheese where they can't taste it, i.e. a burger. Cheese is meant for a board surrounded by nuts and wine and I do this sometimes but I don't overdo it. I cook fresh, unfrozen, food - every day - and I use fruits and/or veggies as seasoning. I insist on a protein at every meal and ask my kids to name their protein, carb, and veggie when they tell me what they want for dinner. And, all meals are between 300-500 calories so there is nothing left over to deposit on the bod.

What's your prescription for healthy eating for your family?

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Elle Brown
Elle Brown


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