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Metallica Baby and Kids Clothes
One of our best-selling band t-shirts is Metallica. We have a very large selection of Metallica baby clothes for baby boys and baby girls. Most recently, we added customization which allows us to put the baby's name on the back of the bodysuit. We can personalize rock baby clothes by adding a name to the back much as you would find on a sports jersey.


Pearl Jam Baby Clothes are at Kiditude

More restock for our Spring catalog has arrived. Our babies are going to be so well dressed. On these very first days of the Spring Equinox, Kiditude received several band bodysuits including:

Pearl Jam baby clothes - One of Seattle’s finest alternative rock / grunge bands and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers put the iconic Stickman figure on this unisex, black baby bodysuit. The stickman sketch was done for the Alive single.

NOFX baby clothes - Out of LA, one of the most successful independent punk rock bands of all time don this unisex, white baby snap suit that reads, “She did not lose me”, a parody of the song “She did not lose her baby”.

Bad Religion baby clothes - Also from California, the hardcore punk band put the Crossbuster drawing on this black baby romper. When interviewed, the band described the logo as a symbol to not subscribe to the establishment.

New Guns N Roses baby clothes!

This week’s restock shipment contains a bunch of oldies but goodies along with some new stuff. If you’ve been waiting on a baby t-shirt, this is the time to buy before they’re all gone. This week we received: Three Guns N’ Roses baby one piece designs including the Appetite for Destruction baby bodysuit, the traditional bullet Guns N Roses infant snap suit and the parody Sweet Child of Mine Guns n Roses baby newborn tee and a new Slipknot infant bodysuit. In addition, we received Jimi Hendrix newborn one pieces in 2 designs including Jimi Hendrix Experience and Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child in black.

Keeping Our Rock Baby Clothing Store Stocked for Our Customers

The iconic round seal Ramones baby clothes logo with the eagle reads Johnny, Joey, DeeDee and Tommy under the band name. Double stitched sleeves and legs make the baby romper durable for machine washing and drying. Our Johnny Cash baby Crawl the Line is one of our fastest moving parody baby bodysuits. Metallica baby clothes are always in demand. There are 2 that have been very popular throughout the years.

2021 MTV VMA's

The MTV Video Music Awards aired last night. Lady Gaga opened the show with her new hit song Applause. Her performance was amazing. She's a hard working woman. Gaga started out with the typical over the top outfit. She entered the stage wearing what's been referred to as a nun's habit, a milk carton and a cardboard box. During her performance there were several wardrobe and hair changes. By the time she finished, she was stripped down to a shell bra and thong revealing the singers well conditioned physique.

Rock of Ages, The Musical

One celebratory Sunday in July, I was surprised with tickets to see Rock of Ages on Broadway. Funny enough, my company sells 80's rock band t-shirts for kids and this gift turned out to be very inspirational for me. The show was great! All the rock songs from the 80's that we grew up listening to were filling the Helen Hayes Theatre. One couldn't help but chair dance throughout the the entire show. Or, like the mildly annoying woman behind me, sing the wrong words to the coolest 80's tunes. Motley Crue, Skid Row, Bon Jovi, Warrant and so many more photos of cool 80's rock bands donned the walls of the theatre. We marveled at how young they all looked, the big hair, the make up, where the time had gone and the clothes they, and we, wore back in the day, including spandex pants, lots of leather, fringe and fingerless gloves.

New Designs in Kids Clothes & Baby Bodysuits

Kiditude's releases new Future Rockers Collection. The first 3 designs, Future Drummer, Future Guitarist and Future Rockstar are printed in crisp white upon black garments for baby clothes and kids t-shirts. The Future Drummer design features a child with a mohawk playing the drums while Future Guitarist focuses on a mohawk child with a guitar who is making the rock hand signal. Finally, this first installment of new cool baby and kids clothes brings Future Rockstar showing the rock hand sign coming from a wrist encased in a punk spiked bracelet.

Kiditude Expands Gifts for Shoppers

Kiditude, expands its line of novelty, punk and rock baby clothes by offering complete holiday and Christmas gifts packaged in a free gift box with a bow. Making holiday shopping easier, these infant and toddler gift sets are unique to Kiditude. The handpicked items are neatly laid out and presented in a clear-topped gift box with a bow. The infant gift sets can be wrapped or given just as they are.

Rock Baby Clothes Get Punk'd

The graphic tee, a mandatory accessory for hipster irony, is perhaps the cheapest form of self-expression. And express it does, with messages like "Cuter than baby Jesus" and "What happens at grandma's stays at grandma's." But these hipsters aren't unemployed twenty-something philosophy majors who favor beards and unicycles. These hipsters wear rompers.

Funny Baby Clothes Sizing

Many people have been writing lately about what size one piece they should buy. It's baby fever right now between new babies being born, babies celebrating their first birthday and Spring shopping sprees! Infant bodysuits, rompers, creepers, and one pieces are typically sized by weight and height. The difficulty lies in the differences from brand to brand. Just like women's jeans, where a size 4 from The Gap might not fit the same as a size 4 from Banana Republic, new born one piece manufacturers' sizes also differ.

Cool Baby Clothes

"One Pieces", infant t-shirts that wrap around the bottom of a child and snap closed between the child's legs, are the most popular type of clothing item for babies through 24 months of age. New born one piece bodysuits are functional, convenient pieces of clothing. They stay in place and keep the child covered during periods of activity.

Unique Punk & Rock Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets and punk children's clothes are often given to new moms and dads at baby showers. They range from simple, small, lightweight, soft blankets to elaborate double sided, brightly colored, punk & rock textured blankets with all types of finishes.

Great Baby Shower Gifts - Blankets

Swaddling seems to be making a come back in recent years. The theory is, since newborn babies are not accustomed to free, open space, they feel more secure when wrapped in a warm blanket that restricts their movement and in turn simulates the environment of the womb.

Slayer metal baby clothes are back.

Slayer baby clothes - We received the ever popular Slayer black eagle newborn baby one piece. This garment is a traditional style black baby bodysuit with double stitched seams. It offers lap shoulders for easy on and off over baby’s head and has 3 snap closure the bottom for fast diaper changes. The design is professionally screen printed for maximum durability and wear. It dons the traditional Slayer band logo in the center.

Iron Maiden baby clothes - We received two iconic pieces. The Iron Maiden Trooper design is on both the Iron Maiden infant snap suit and the Iron Maiden toddler t-shirt. This colorful design is featured on a black baby shirt.

Motorhead baby clothes - We also re-stocked our Motorhead inventory with the novelty Motorhead England baby romper and toddler tee. This is a black baby onepiece or kids shirt with the band’s logo on top. It reads England on the bottom.

Rock Baby One Piece & T-Shirt Care – Washing

Your infant's skin is sensitive. It's best to use a detergent and softener that are mild, hypoallergenic, fragrance and dye free to prevent rashes and skin irritations. Just keep in mind that "natural" and "organic" doesn't always mean better.

Cool Baby One Piece & T-Shirt Care – Drying

The easiest way to dry your child's clothes is in a clothes dryer. A dryer is quick and keeps baby's clothing from getting stiff which can happen when air-drying garments. However, a dryer will shrink or temporarily shrink your baby's clothes because it uses high heat to dry clothing.

What Does Organic Mean for Babies?

There is a big push towards natural and organic food products and clothing for babies and toddlers. Benefits of the migration to natural and organic have varying degrees of support. One thing is for sure; buying natural or organic will cost more money.

Caring for your Baby's Pacifier

An orthodontic baby pacifier can be a mom's best friend when it comes to soothing a fussy child. Chances are you'll have 20 pacifiers and they'll be dropped on the floor in your house, in the grocery store and any other place you visit during your daily routine.

Choosing the Right Pacifier for Your Child

Your infant will not be agreeable to just any pacifier. You'll receive many different kinds of pacifiers at your baby shower. The nurse in the maternity ward at the hospital will give you another kind of pacifier. When you visit a store like Babies R Us you'll notice the pacifier aisle is as large as the bread section in the grocery store.

What Size Should I Buy for a Baby Shower Gift?

You've been invited to a baby shower and you want to buy children's clothing. What size should you buy? Baby showers are very exciting. Everyone's gift will be "on display" at the shower as the mother-to-be opens her presents for all to see.

What Should I Spend on a Baby Shower Gift?

You were invited to a baby shower. Congratulations! You're going to have so much fun celebrating the anticipated arrival of this new little bundle of joy. On the invitation it says that your girlfriend is registered at Babies R Us. You pull the baby registry up online and see that there are a few hundred items on the baby registry. What are you going to buy as a baby shower gift, maybe funny baby clothes?