The Grammy’s 2012

Metallica Baby One Piece

Metallica Baby One Piece

by Elle Brown

I love music so of course, I watched the #Grammy's last night. My favorite was The Beatles' Paul McCartney. My kids are named after #Beatles. I enjoyed seeing #McCartney on stage with #BruceSpringsteen because he's Bruce but also he's from #NewJersey as is Kiditude.

Another great performance came from #DaveGrohl of the #FooFighters in his #Slayer shirt. That shirt brought back so many memories of high school. I still have my Slayer and Metallica t-shirts. They are all cut up in true 80's style. I happened to be on Facebook at the time the Grammy Awards were on and was chatting with some friends about all the cool rock concert t-shirts we have lying around that have too many memories to get rid of.

I appreciate all types of music, not just rock n' roll. When it comes to pop, I dig #Adele. Her songs come on the radio and I'm dancing in the car like a fool who doesn't care who is watching. If I'm also trying to sing that's a problem for any passengers as I can't even sing the ABC's in a tolerable tone. I'm super happy for Adele for winning so many Grammys. I imagine she's having a new shelf installed in her house as I write this. But, I always wonder why there is a big winner all the time instead of spreading the Grammys around. I can only imagine how upset #BrunoMars must be since Grenade is playing on the radio every 10 minutes.

Of course the dark cloud over the entire night was the death of #WhitneyHouston. I adore Whitney. Especially in the #Bodyguard which I'll need to watch again soon. There are many singers who move me during a performance but I can't think of another who made me cry every time I listened her. I'm very sad for her, her children and family.

I watched #JenniferHudson sing "I Will Always Love You" and just kept thinking how #SimonCowell would tell everyone who attempted that song on American Idol that it was too big for them. What enormous pressure Hudson must have felt to perform that song. Hudson showed amazing grace and bravery. I truly respect effort like that. Even if you fail, you tried your best. But, I don't think Hudson failed.

#KatiPerry was cool and her song choice very reflective of what she's going through in her life at this time. Her blue hair was weird but we've all gone through a "healing me time" after a break up. I'm completely confused by #NickiMinaj's performance. #ChrisBrown...I can't get poor #Rhianna's face out of my head since the assault...so I can't find a place for him in my iTunes library. But, Brown can dance.

All in all, I enjoyed the show. I mostly enjoyed the performances and dancing in bed with my kids. And, of course, reminiscing with my friends about the good ole days.