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Metallica Crayon Baby One Piece
Product Review

"This onesie was for a baby shower and the father of baby-to-be (unknown whether or not baby will be a boy or a girl) LOVED this. It appeared to be made very well and the colors were vibrant. I originally ordered this product through a different seller and after waiting over 3 weeks for it to ship I finally swapped to this seller and received it in 2 days! Awesome service!"

- Heather

Funny Baby Clothes

Funny baby clothes make unique baby shower and first birthday gifts. By the time baby is 1 year, their personality is shining bright. They make faces and sounds that make you laugh; that you tell friends and family about because it's so cute. Represent and celebrate what makes your baby special by dressing them in a funny baby one-piece bodysuit. Whether baby has more Facebook friends than you, tweets on Twitter hourly, makes the best poop faces or Grandma thinks he or she is the hottest thing since sliced bread, you can find funny baby clothes to fit their personality.